SORACOM Developers


API Reference


We offer an API intended for use of the SORACOM platform through various programs. This API Reference not only describes the API specifications, but it allows for interactive polling of the API. Please see also SORACOM API Usage Guide.

The API called by this API reference works against authenticated accounts. In other words, not only can it change the speed restrictions and group settings of individual SORACOM Air SIMs, it can also deactivate and deregister cards. Use with caution.

Select one of the authentication methods below and press the authentication button.

Authentication through Authentication Key

Authentication Key ID
Authentication Key secret

Authentication via the SORACOM User Console

E-mail address

(/v1/auth API is called for authentication)

If authentication succeeds, the API Key and Token appear in the fields below. Thereafter, APIs calling the API Key and Token poll these fields.

Operator ID

In this reference you can call the API against the coverage type available for the account you used for authentication.For accounts that support multiple coverage types, please select coverage type for calling API.