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Try inter-device communication with SORACOM Gate’s Public Gate function


SORACOM Gate (Gate) is a service that connects your network and devices to LAN and realizes secure connection to IoT devices. Gate uses a gateway called VPG (Virtual Private Gateway), (1) a function to directly access a device from a customer’s network, (2) a function to communicate between devices connected via a network with Air SIM, (3) Provide the function of assigning a private private IP to the device.

Normally, Gate creates a gateway called VPG (Virtusal Private Gateway) exclusively for your account, and communicates between the device and customer’s system through the VPG and communicates between the devices. As VPG is prepared exclusively for customers, setup cost and setting work on customer side are necessary.

In this document, we will explain how to use “Public Gate function”, which is a function that allows you to try out simple inter-device communication by Gate using VPG (Virtusal Private Gateway) prepared by Solacom. With this function you can immediately try to communicate between devices without having to set up VPG by yourself. Please use it when you want to temporarily try inter-device communication such as verification work.

The prerequisites for this document are as follows.

In this document we will explain how to use Public Gate by the following steps.

When using Public Gate, there are some points that need attention. Please check notes beforehand.

Step 1: Enable Public Gate

Enable / disable Public Gate is set for each group. Let’s first make settings for the group you want to activate Public Gate.

On the user console group list screen, click the group for which you want to activate Public Gate and open “SORACOM Air settings” from the “Basic settings” tab of the group setting screen.

Next, open the “SORACOM Air setting” menu. Set “VPG (Virtual Private Gateway) setting” switch to “ON” and select “Shared VPG for Public Gate” from the pull down menu.

Public Gate

Click the “Save” button at the bottom to complete the setting. The Public Gate is now activated.

Step 2: Register Air SIM using Public Gate in group

refer to the Getting Started Guide How to use the user console: Change group of Air SIM and register Air SIM in the group set in step 1.

When changing the VPG setting of the Air SIM group, it is necessary to recreate the 3G / LTE session in order to reflect the setting. If there is already a communicating device, recreate the session in one of the following ways.

Step 3: Confirm communication is possible between devices

After setting up so far, the devices communicating with Air SIM registered in the group are ready to communicate between devices using Public Gate. Let’s try communicating from one device to the private IP of the other device and confirm that communication can be established.

If you can not communicate, please check the following items.

Step 4: Disable Public Gate

When using the Public Gate function, a VPG option usage fee will be charged according to the number of SIMs belonging to the Air SIM group that enabled VPG of Public Gate. If communication between devices via Air SIM becomes unnecessary, invalidate the setting.

On the user console, open “SORACOM Air setting” from the “Basic setting” tab of the group setting screen and set “VPG (Virtual Private Gateway) setting” switch in “SORACOM Air setting” menu to “OFF”, Public Gate The setting of the setting is invalidated.


Please pay attention to the following points when using the Public Gate function.

Device security measures

Public Gate is a model sharing VPG with other SORACOM users. Since SORACOM Air SIM owned by other users can also communicate with customers’ devices, in order to prevent unintended access to the device, please take the following security measures sufficiently.

Also, in order to reduce security risks, we recommend that you only use temporary usage such as verification over usage that always connects to Public Gate.


When using the Public Gate function, a VPG option usage fee will be charged according to the number of SIMs belonging to the Air SIM group that enabled VPG of Public Gate. If Public Gate becomes unnecessary, please invalidate the setting or unregister Air SIM from the group.d

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