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Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) function details

What is VPG?

Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) is a functional component that plays an important role in using various services of SORACOM.

By using 3G / LTE network, SORACOM Air is a service that connects customer’s terminal to the cloud. By default, each device is connected to a gateway that provides connection to the Internet, and communication to any destination is provided via the Internet It will be. VPG, on the other hand, is a customer-specific gateway that is prepared individually according to customer requests. To enable / disable VPG, set for each group of SORACOM Air SIM. By doing this, you can switch VPG via communication by group.

VPG usage example

Typical examples of usage of VPG are SORACOM Canal which provides private connection with customer’s system on Amazon Web Services (AWS), SORACOM Direct which provides private line connection with arbitrary cloud and on-premises system It is a use as an interconnection point with the customer side system when doing. By connecting VPG to your system using SORACOM Canal and SORACOM Direct and activating VPG with SORACOM Air group function, you can directly communicate from devices using SIM card of that group to your system It will be possible to route.

VPG usage example

Characteristics of VPG

VPG is a high-availability virtual gateway composed of multiple nodes and has the following features.

Characteristics of VPG

IP address allocation method

VPG IP address

Item Contents
IP address range (Shared Address Space RFC6598)
Allocation method It is assigned automatically. Currently, it is not possible to specify a specific IP address.
IP address changeability Once assigned IP address does not change until VPG is deleted.

IP address of the device to be connected via VPG

Item Contents
IP address range Default: / 9
※ However, you can specify any IP address range by using SORACOM Gate.
Allocation method Default: Automatic assignment
* However, you can assign an IP address by using Gate.
IP address changeability Basically, the same IP address is assigned to one device, but if the IP address is insufficient for the device, the IP address may change.

Type and price of VPG

There are two types of VPG, VPG type C targeted for use in SORACOM Canal and VPG type D compatible with SORACOM Direct, which can be used according to the application. In particular, since VPG type D corresponds to VPC Peering used in SORACOM Canal in addition to SORACOM Direct’s Virtual Interface, it can flexibly deal with system configuration that uses dedicated line connection and VPC peering together I will.

VPG Type C VPG Type D

VPG type and service compatibility

VPG Type C VPG Type D
Canal (VCP Peering)
Direct (Virtual Interface) ×

For rates of each VPG type please see SORACOM Canal, SORACOM Direct Price List.

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