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Getting to know SORACOM

For details on the SORACOM platform and its various services, please visit the SORACOM web site.

Obtain a SIM-enabled device

Use of the SORACOM platform requires an unlocked smart device or an IOT device that supports 3G/LTE SIM cards.

Check your device to determine the SIM card size (nano, micro, standard) and purchase the corresponding SORACOM Air SIM.

Purchasing an Air SIM

Air SIMs can be obtained as follows:

Registering Air SIMs

When purchasing ten or more Air SIMs from the SORACOM User Console, you must acknowledge receipt on the purchase screen. After the SIMs arrive, log in to the User Console and acknowledge receipt of the SIM cards. Performing this procedure registers all of the cards in bulk. If the cards were purchased on Amazon, registration on the User Console as described herein is necessary.

Once the Air SIMs arrive, log in to the User Console as soon as possible and register them to your account. Registration requires use of the barcode or number printed on the SIM card stickers, so do not discard them upon receipt.

Please refer to the User Console Usage Guide for instructions on how to register SIM cards on the User Console. If you do not yet have a User Console account, you can easily create one.

Insert Air SIM into device

Once registration is complete, insert the SIM into the device you plan to use. SIMs are inserted in different ways depending on the device, so please refer to the respective instruction manual for that product.

Access point name (APN) setup

Set the access point name (APN) the Air SIM will use to communicate. The setup method varies by device.

APN Setup

Begin communications

After completing the above, the device will be ready to communicate. Check whether the device loaded with the Air SIM is able to connect. After initially connecting or initiating a process on the console or API, the SIM card’s status will change to “Active.” From this point on, you will be charged according to the data used.

If you fail to connect

Check the APN settings again. If the device still fails to connect, contact our support representatives.

To contact support, log in to the User Console and click the Support button on the upper right. This will take you to the support site, where you can fill in the form with the nature of your problem and send a troubleshooting request.

Getting Started

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