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Using the User Console to manage SIM cards

Using the SORACOM User Console enables you to manage SORACOM Air SIMs via a web browser. This section explains how to use a web browser to perform the above.

SORACOM account creation and setup

SORACOM account creation

In order to utilize the User Console, please first create a SORACOM account. The signup page can be accessed at:

From the Account Creation Page, enter your e-mail address and desired password and click the Create Account button.

Account creation

When managing SIMs with multiple administrators, utilize a shared e-mail address, such as one used for mailing list purposes. The below screen will appear; you can now check your e-mail.

Check e-mail

When the e-mail arrives, click the link.

mail address confirm

This in the creation of the account is complete. Then login to the user console, let’s do the SIM registration and operation.

Setting payment details

Payments for data usage are made by credit card. To register your credit card information, open the Payment Settings screen, accessed by clicking on the username at the top of the screen.

Payment settings

Fill in the requisite fields for payment details and register a new payment method.

When you click the button in the upper left part of the user console, various menus are displayed.

Drop-down menu

Function that can be accessed from each menu is as follows.

Item Description
[SIM Management] Make the management of Air SIM. Immediately after the login screen is here.
[Groups] Make the settings for the group to manage the Air SIM.
[Watch] And watch set of all of Air SIM for the operator to hold.
[VPG] Make the management of VPG.
[Orders] You can place your order, such as SIM or 3G dongle.
[Billing] Usage fee, viewing billing, set the payment method.
[Security] Make settings such as SAM users and authentication information store.
[Logs] You can refer to the error log of Beam / Funnel.
[Data Viewer] You can refer to the Data of Harvest.

Air SIM registration

Register Air SIMs from the User Console

If purchasing 10 Air SIMs from the SORACOM User Console, you must initiate an acknowledgment of receipt on the purchase screen.
When the Air SIMs arrive, log in to the User Console and acknowledge receipt of the Air SIMs. Performing this procedure registers all of the cards in bulk. If the cards were purchased on Amazon, registration on the User Console as described in Registering Air SIMs is necessary.

Log in to the User Console and register the Air SIMs by clicking the Register SIMs button on the upper left.

SIM registration

On the Register SIMs screen, input the ICCID and PUK printed on the back side of the SIM card.

SIM card

The name and group can be left blank. Press Register to complete registration. Multiple Air SIMs can be registered at once.

SIM registration

Immediately after registering an Air SIM, the prompt will read, “Ready,” and the SIM will be set to communicate data. By communicating with the SIM or initiating an Activation process on the console or API, the SIM will change to an Active state. If you do not want the SIMs to communicate yet, such as if preparing them for shipment, deactivate them in the console or API. This will set the cards to Inactive and prevent them from communicating.

Device settings

Insert the SIM into the device (smartphone or IoT device) you plan to use, then set up its communication settings per the following:

After setup, test data usage to see that it functions correctly. If the card is able to communicate, initial setup is complete. You can now use the Internet. Congratulations!

Air SIM administration (change speed class and status)

The SORACOM platform provides a programmable mobile network. This section explains how to utilize the User Console to manage and administrate Air SIMs.

After logging in to the User Console, you will see a list displaying currently registered Air SIMs.

SIM index

The SIM Administration screen allows you to change Air SIM status and speed (speed class) for Air SIMs you own and administrate.

The SIM Administration screen displays up to 10 Air SIMs by default. If the Air SIM you wish to administrate is not found within that list, you can search for it using one of the methods below.

Change Air SIM speed class

Changing an Air SIM’s speed class allows you to set a maximum speed throttle. Place a check mark in the checkbox to the left of the Air SIM in question and click the Execute button. From the dropdown menu, select Change Speed Class.

Speed class

Select from one of the six speed classes below. (Upload and Download speed maximums are as below)

From the Change Speed Class dialog, select the desired speed class and click the Change Speed Class button.

Change speed class

Return to the SIM Search Results page and confirm that the Air SIM’s speed class has changed.

Change Air SIM name and group

Each Air SIM has a name attached to it. Multiple Air SIMs can also be grouped together. Assigning a name or group to an Air SIM allows you to later search for it by that name or group.

Place a check mark next to the name you wish to change and click the Details button.


Click the pencil icon to the right of the name to change the Air SIM’s name.

Change SIM name

Multiple Air SIMs can be grouped together.
To assign a SIM to a group, use the group dropdown box and select the desired group. To remove a SIM from a group, select Remove from Group. To create a new group not otherwise found in the list, select [Create New Group…] Change group

Tag Air SIMs

Tagging Air SIMs allows you to sort them in a means separate from name and group. You can also assign additional information used to administrate the Air SIMs.

Change the tag.

Searching Air SIMs

In addition to searching by name and group, Air SIMs can be searched for by IMSI (a 15-digit ID used to identify SIM cards) and MSISDN (beginning with 81+ plus a phone number, with the leading 0 removed). Click the ▼ icon below the search box and select IMSI. Then enter the IMSI of the Air SIM you wish to search for and click the IMSI button to initiate a search.

Searching for SIM cards

If an Air SIM matching your search string is found, a list of Air SIMs will be printed. If no data is found, the search will notify you of no results having been found.

Filtering and sorting by Air SIM status

You can filter by Air SIMs matching certain parameters or change the sort order of the Air SIMs displayed. Currently, only the Status column is supported. To perform a filter or sort, click the ▼ button displayed on the index column.

SIM filtering and sorting

Deactivating Air SIMs

If you have stopped using an Air SIM, you can deactivate it. Deactivating an Air SIM prevents new communications from taking place over it, allowing you to keep data charges from exceeding that point. (Note that, while data charges will not be incurred, the base rate still applies to deactivated SIMs).

SIM deactivation

Air SIM expiration dates

You can set an expiration date on an Air SIM so that it stops transmitting after that date. This is useful for time-delimited uses of Air SIMs.

To set an expiration date, click the pencil icon in the Expiration Date column on the Air SIM index.

Expiration date

A dialog like the one seen below will appear. Enter the expiration date you desire and click the Change Expiration Date button. Clicking the YY/MM/DD or Time fields will display a dropdown calendar or time panel. You can also complete these fields directly.

Changing expiration dates

To clear an expiration date previously set (effectively returning the Air SIM to an expiration-less state), click Clear Expiration Date. If the expiration date is exceeded, red text like that seen below will appear.

Expiration date cleared

Deregistering Air SIMs

In order to deregister an Air SIM currently in use, perform the following steps. Note that once an Air SIM is deregistered, it cannot be reused. Place a checkmark next to the Air SIM you wish to deregister and click the Execute button, then select Deregister.

On the SIM Deregister dialog, click the Deregister button. In order to perform this step, the Deregistration Protection feature must first be set to Off.

SIM deregistration

Check data usage and fees

Check Air SIM data usage

Here you can view a chart describing the data usage of each Air SIM. Place a check mark next to the Air SIM you want to check the data usage of and click the Details button. On the SIM Details dialog, open the Data History tab. The range of dates for data usage can be set.

Check data usage

Download data usage statistics in CSV format

You can download CSV-formatted bulk data usage statistics on the Air SIMs you use. Select the billing information from the drop-down menu on the main screen the upper left corner.

Fee data

On the bottom of the screen is found the Actual Data Usage: CSV File Download section. From there, you can set a range and then click the Download button to receive the file.

Download CSV file

The CSV file will begin downloading. This file contains tags and group data for each Air SIM; this data can be used to aggregate the values into totals. If the SIM card or cards in question have not been used over the period specified, a blank CSV file is output.

Check data usage fees

Data usage fees for the period can be checked below.

[Latest billed amount]
Displays data usage fees for the start of the month in question up to the present date.

[Download details of latest billed amount in CSV format]
Clicking this button allows you to obtain an index of data usage per speed class and the corresponding fees for the start of the month given through the present date.

[Invoice history]
Displays a history of past invoiced amounts. You can click each month row to see the day-to-day breakdown for that month.

The Invoice Details screen for each month contains a button on the bottom of the screen that reads Download Details in CSV Format. Click this to obtain a CSV file with the detailed data. The CSV file contains data usage by speed class and the daily fees corresponding to that usage.

The Invoice Details CSV contains details for each IMSI.

Monitoring functions

You can monitor data overages and receive e-mail notifications and throttle bandwidth in the event of an overage. The parameters you can monitor are as follows.

For example, if you want to receive an e-mail notification when aggregate data usage for all Air SIMs exceeds 5,000MB, or if you want to throttle bandwidth if a specific Air SIM exceeds a daily allowance of 100MB, you can use this feature to customize those settings.

Data usage can be set in integer values of 1 byte or more. The e-mail address should be the e-mail address you have on file. If you want to throttle bandwidth, use s1.minimum. When the throttle is removed, it returns to s1.standard. (When using the API, you can freely set throttled connection speed and speed after the throttle is removed.)

Global Air SIM settings (shared)

Click the Watch tab and enable/disable the various monitoring settings and set maximum values. Click the Update Settings button to save your changes. Settings configured on this screen apply to all Air SIMs. For example, if you enable “Notify me if the daily usage for a SIM card exceeds this value,” the daily usage for each Air SIM is monitored, and when they surpass that threshold, an e-mail notification is sent and/or their bandwidth is throttled. You can also enable “Notify me when the aggregate total of monthly usage for all SIMs exceeds this value” to have the system monitor the total data usage of all Air SIMs and perform a process when the given value is exceeded.

Monitoring settings

Set each Air SIM

From the SIM Details screen, open the Watch tab. Once you finish configuring settings as desired, click the Update Settings button to save your changes. Settings here are enabled on a per-SIM basis. Note: if the global Air SIM settings and individual Air SIM settings overlap, both will be enabled. Functionality to locally enable settings on specific Air SIMs will be added in a future update.


Air SIM Group Administration

Air SIMs can be grouped in the User Console and administrated from there. Grouping Air SIMs makes it easier to perform settings on multiple Air SIMs at once. From the navigation bar on the top of the main page, select Groups. This will display a group index (if you have yet to create any groups, it will display “No groups found.”)

Group creation

To create a new group, open the groups page and click the +Add button on the upper left.


A dialog like the one seen below will appear. Enter a group name and click the Create Group button. Create Group

Create Group

Once the group is created, you will be returned to the index page. Confirm that the group you created has been added to the list.

Change group settings

Selecting a group on the group index screen will take you to a details page for that group.

Group Details

To change a group name, click the pencil mark to the right of the name.

Group List

When finished editing, click the Save button to save your changes.

Each tab lets you perform the various settings described below.


The “IMEI lock” function locks the SIM to a certain device. Every device that can use a SIM for communications has a unique IMEI number. Using the IMEI lock feature allows you to tell the Soracom network “I want this SIM to work with this device, and no other devices”. Once locked, the SIM will not work even if somebody removes it and inserts it into a different device.

Enable IMEI lock

IMEI lock can be enabled using the following steps. The [IMEI Lock] column in the SIM Management screen displays the lock status.

You can select multiple SIMs and lock or unlock them with a single command. Each SIM will be locked to the IMEI of the device it is currently in, so it must to be online in order to be locked. (One or more SIMs can be unlocked at any time, regardless of online status.)

Unset/Modify IMEI lock

In order to change the IMEI lock setting, please disable the IMEI lock once, and then reconfigure.

An existing IMEI lock can be disabled using the following steps.

Order Air SIM / other goods

In the user console, you can order SIM, USB dongle, etc.

  • Air SIM is also available at Amazon. For small portion orders, purchasing on Amazon may be cheaper with postage included.
  • There is a limit on the number of items purchased per order. If you purchase beyond the upper limit, please separate the order.

Log in to the user console and click [Order] from the menu button on the upper left to move to the order screen.

open Order menu

After checking the notes on product purchase, click the [New order] button.


Next, according to the displayed dialogue, we will select products and register shipping addresses. When you click the [Confirm order] button at the end, the order is completed.

  • As soon as you receive the SIM cards purchased from this page, please register the SIM cards by pressing the “Register” button on the order screen. (The button will be displayed here after the order has been processed.
  • When “Register” button is not pressed within 1 month after shipping from SORACOM, SIM cannot be registered.

Applying a coupon code

Coupon code is a discount coupon that can be applied for data communication fee. If you register your coupon code in your account, the amount of coupon will be automatically applied.

Click the username at the top of the screen. Then select “Manage coupons” from the pull-down menu.

manage coupons

Click “Register a coupon” button.

register a coupon code

Enter your coupon code in the “Register a coupon” form and click “Register” button.

input a coupon code

Currently, up to two coupon codes can be registered in one account.

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