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Setting a Custom DNS

This section explains how to set a Custom DNS for Air SIM. By setting a Custom DNS, the device can use its own DNS.

Creating and Setting a Group

Set a Custom DNS for the Air SIM group. The Air SIM must first belong to a group.

Create a group for the Air SIM as follows.
Open the “SIM Management” screen and select the Air SIM to have a Custom DNS. With the [Operate] button, select [Change Affiliated Group].

changing group

A dialog box for selecting the Air SIM’s group will appear. From the [New Affiliated Group] dropdown menu, select [Create New Group…].

new group

The Create Group dialog box below will appear. Enter the group’s name and click the [Create Group] button. Let’s create a group named “hello customdns”.

creating group

Pressing the [Create Group] button will return you to the initial [Change SIM’s Affiliated Group] dialog box. Check that the [New Affiliated Group] dropdown menu shows the hello customdns group that was just created, then press the [Change Group] button.

changing group

Setting a Custom DNS

For the hello customdns group you created, set a Custom DNS.
Open the “Group Management” screen and select the hello customdns group to open the Group details screen.

detail group

Under “DNS server”, click “+” to add a DNS server.

detail group

Enter the DNS server’s IP address.


Checkmarking it will enable the Custom DNS. Up to two DNS can be set.


This completes the setting of the Custom DNS.

By setting a Custom DNS, you can use a unique DNS. This enables you to control the access from the device such as switching the connection and DNS filtering.
For example, like a captive portal, you can set it to return a specific site when the user is trying to access a site. A certain event can trigger the switching of the DNS.

If the device clearly specifies the DNS server, the device’s setting may take precedence.

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